First stepping stone to learning

INFANT/TODDLER: 10 weeks-24 months

Infants and toddlers are cared for in a warm and nurturing environment that encourages learning through play. Teachers focus on making a child feel safe, secure, and happy. A caring teacher will bond and develop trust with your child. Your child's classroom is the first stepping stones to start building the educational foundation that will carry throughout the other classrooms in the center. Social, language, large, small motor development, and visual stimulation is a critical period of rapid growth and brain development in the first two years of your child's life.

The first year of life lays the basis of social, language, large, small motor development, and visual stimulation. Social interaction in the classroom begins with the child reacting to the teacher's voice and recognizing their face. This interaction develops socialization. Socialization is also guided through playing and sharing with other children in the classroom.

Each day they will experience activities that encourage and foster healthy development. Stimulating activities with educational toys and the teacher engaging in language development such as talking to your child throughout their day even when being fed and changed. Singing and reading books to encourage language development. Children will work on large and small development by being engaged with building blocks,catching, throwing, reaching, grasping, manipulating objects, shape sorting, and other activities focusing on eye-hand coordination. Visual development in the classroom is reinforced by shapes, colors, and other visual activities. This process of learning, creativity, and even emotional well-being in babies and toddlers traces back to visual development.

Lesson plans and the daily schedule are flexible in this classroom depending on the interests of the children each day. Parents receive a daily written report regarding their child's day.