Le Bunnies

101 Old Trail
Nokomis, FL 34275
Phone: (941) 488-2639
Director’s Cell: (941) 877-4722

Children have a right to develop to their maximum abilities and that all employees have the responsibility to provide opportunities for this development to occur. Each child is an individual and that each child must be allowed to develop at his/her own pace. Each child has the right to develop a positive self-image to feel good about whom they are.

We provide your child with the closest possible atmosphere to a home environment. We offer opportunity for children to explore, learn, and mature. Providing love, comfort, support, security, reassurance, nurture physical, mental, and emotional growth as needed. Stimulating thoughts and ideas are a must for all children attending. Helping your child become independent, responsible, teaching them about love, respect, and safety are all part of the "Le Bunnies" experience. We are also committed to providing a developmental program that follows a strong academic curriculum. Cultural diversity will be introduced to children by creating activities that focus on traditions, pictures, clothes, food, and other important facts about ethnic cultures. We accept and respect all ethnicity's and religion.

Vision Statement

"Le Bunnies" Early Learning Academy vision is to become well established in Nokomis in three years. To be the recognized leader in provding the best care for infants, preschoolers, and school-age chldren. We believe that the first school experience is an important milestone in the life of a child and that this experience sets the foundation for future school experiences.

Education is a continuous lifelong process therefore, "Le Bunnies" will improve the effectveness and efficiency of the center to become known for extraordinary educational programs, talented team, and community relationships. Promoting the growth of each individual child in accordance with his or her physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs. This preparation includes developing wholesome attitudes, multi-cultural appreciations, academic skills and the social, physical, mental and emotional aspects of living.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement